Web Policy

The General Incorporated Association Asian Women Leaders Forum (hereinafter referred to as “our corporation” or “AWF”) has created this website in order to understand and cooperate with the purpose and activities of this corporation. Our company strictly manages and protects the personal information of all of you who support us, and we pay close attention to its handling in compliance with laws and other norms. donations that we carry out. We will not disclose the personal information of all the supporters we know about on this site to a third party except in the following cases.

  • For the above purposes, we will provide the personal information necessary for the entrusted business such as data processing, system maintenance, delivery, etc. to the subcontractor who concludes a confidentiality agreement with this corporation and complies with our personal information handling policy. When disclosing.
  • When necessary for deposit processing or payment (to confirm the validity of the bank account and the validity of the credit card)
  • When the supporters have given their consent in advance. (Including submitting the signature in a legitimate manner)
  • When there is a legitimate request for disclosure from the relevant authorities in accordance with the law.
  • When it can be reasonably determined that disclosure is necessary to protect/defend the life/freedom/rights/property/honor, etc. of the corporation, supporters, or a third party.

Handling of provided information Personal information sent to this site is protected by the privacy protection policy, but other information sent (opinions, suggestions, ideas, images, etc.) is acquired by this corporation free of charge and can be used freely. We will do it.

About legal liability The contents of this site may be revised without notice. In addition, our corporation shall not be liable for any of the following in any case and to any parties.

  1. Any damage caused by errors or omissions of information provided on this site.
  2. Any damage caused by omission or omission of information provided on websites other than this corporation linked to this site.
  3. Any damage caused as a result of modification of the information provided on this site due to intrusion by a third party.
  4. Regardless of the cause, cause, nature, or result of damage, the credibility of any information directly or indirectly provided by accessing or failing to access this site, and using this site Any damage caused by doing (including virus infection, etc.)

About copyright Since the copyright of this site is owned by this corporation, all information (logo marks, characters, photos, illustrations, etc.) posted on it can be used without permission, or can be reprinted or copied on other electronic media or printed materials. Prohibit that.