Connect with Asia

Knowing each other across national borders, connecting Asian leaders, Creating synergies by cooperating with each other We will solve problems in Asia and realize the ideal future.


Now that the world is changing rapidly, we are being asked the "important essence". Now is the time for Asian women leaders to come together and work together. In Asia, there is a wonderful wealth that the world can be proud of, and there are still problems to be solved for each country. And the way of life and feelings of Asian women leaders who are seriously facing the charms and challenges of their own country and contributing to them, give us great love and awareness. Through the way of life and thoughts of such Asian leaders, we will tell you about the wonderful charm of each country and the real challenges of each country.

There are also many deceased and proud women leaders in Asia who have made great contributions. While it was a wonderful achievement, I think there were some issues that could not be changed in one generation at that time.

With sincere gratitude and respect, AWLF wants to inherit the wishes of those people. We will also introduce how to live for the late Asian women leaders.

Knowing each other across national borders, connecting Asian leaders, By cooperating with each other, we will create synergies, solve problems in Asia, and realize the ideal future. AWLF will continue to learn with leaders throughout their lives, become a bridge for women leaders in Asia, and work together to realize world peace.

A key driver for progress and Sustainable Development is by promoting and strengthening equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life. Women leaders are making an impact across Asia Pacific. Women’s presence in local, state and national levels of government has influenced higher female voter turnout, increased gender sensitive policies and a stronger focus on improving social, health and safety services. In business, evidence is emerging to show that a higher proportion of women managers is significantly associated with an increase in profit. Nevertheless, leadership also remains out of reach for too many women across Asia and the Pacific.

The Asian women leaders on this list have attained high political power in their countries, all across Asia. To date, more than a dozen women have headed governments in modern Asia, including several who have governed predominantly Muslim nations.

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