20 Oct'22

Asian Women Leaders Forum 1st Japan Friendship party is scheduled to be held at the International House of Japan in Roppongi, Tokyo.

13 Jan'22

Message to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the holding of the International Forum.

20 Dec'21

Courtesy visit to Mr. Minoru Kiuchi, Member of the House of Representatives, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

08 Sep'21

Zoom meeting with Tian Belawati, Rector, Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia President, and former president of ICDE.

26 Aug'21

Former Indian Ambassador Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa joins as advisor.

20 May'21

Participated in the 26th International Exchange Conference "Future of Asia" hosted by Nikkei

03 Feb'21

Discussion and exchange of opinions with Mr. Charles Mendy, Asia Representative, National Prayer Breakfast Professor Emeritus Chieko Kai of the University of Tokyo in attendance

13 Dec'20

Mr. Abdul Waheed Khan, former Deputy Secretary-General of UNESCO (2001-2010), joins AWLF as an advisor.

21 Dec'20

Courtesy call on H.E. Mr. Shahabuddin Ahmed, Ambassador of Bangladesh to Japan Professor Emeritus Chieko Kai of the University of Tokyo in attendance.

01 Sep'20

Nikkei SDGs Forum

Nikkei Inc. and Nikkei BP participated in the "Nikkei SDGs Forum", a project to support the initiatives/ efforts of companies heading to achieve the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" set by the United Nations.

08 Aug'20

LIFE Education

We participated in the LIFE Education opening ceremomy in Aso, Kumamoto.

22 Aug'20

Meetings with top Asian leaders

We hold online meetings with top Asian leaders from time to time.

22 Aug'20

In conversation and discussion with Mr.Satish Kumar Modi, Chairman of Modi Global Enterprises and Ambassador of Philanthropy.

25-26 Jul'20


We participated in WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM organized in Bangalore, India, and had cultural exchanges with female leaders of Asia.

22 Nov'19

Participation in the United Nations Young Leaders' Environmental Conference at UNESCAP in Bangkok, Thailand

AWLF sympathize with the message of 'LIFE'
and help connect it to other Asian countries

LIFE Re-experience Birth

This program fully utilises the benefits of the planetarium dome to not only see but to experience the miracle of the universe and our lives.


Even when you face your toughest challenges, remember you are born with your own will and strength. Remember, the miracle of how you came to this world.

The purpose of this program is to help people believe in themselves, acknowledge that we are all born to be loved and our whole existence begins with complete acceptance. We are determined to deliver this program to all who need this important message.

Songs, Music, Writer and Director by MASAHIKO MASAHIKO

There are two ways of screening: planetarium version and film screen version